Woodland Social Enterprises & Making Local Woods Work

What is a Woodland Social Enterprise?

A Woodland social enterprise is a social enterprise that embeds woodlands and woodland products into their core activity. The activities could be as diverse as the woodlands being used for well-being to production of timber. Enterprises aim to strengthen connections between communities and their local woodlands.

Grown in Britain is working with Making Local Woods Work, which is a pilot project that works with over 50 woodland social enterprises. This has enabled us to support smaller woodlands in the UK to help them achieve their aims.

We are able to offer all the organisations that are taking part in MLWW a FREE Grown in Britain licence. To find out how to apply see here.     



“We applied for Grown in Britain because it was the most achievable way to get verification that our products have sustainable credentials and that we care about the way we manage our woodland and produce. We also love the logo, it looks great on our labels and makes them stand out. It makes a nice change to be acceptably proud of being British and being able to show it.” 

Jane Byrne – Barkers Community Woodland

“For Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company being licensed with Grown in Britain has allowed us to use the Grown in Britain logo to demonstrate to our customers that our products are from sustainably managed woodland, right here in Pembrokeshire. We have also used the Grown in Britain accreditation as a mark of our commitment to the woodland we manage in grant applications.”

Adam Freeman – Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company