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Willmott Dixon – creating a sustainable legacy

WilmmottPaul Smith side onHere at Willmott Dixon our primary aim is to leave a sustainable legacy in the communities in which we work.  We have supported Grown in Britain from inception and are delighted to continue playing a leadership role through Steve Cook, currently Co-Chair of Grown in Britain.

It’s clear that growing the UK’s forestry and associated timber industry will create a positive legacy for our industry, our economy, our environment and our communities.  To support our forests and woodlands we have committed to procuring with a preference timber and timber products which are assured as Grown in Britain, whenever feasible.

A stronger UK timber industry is better for our business. Operating in the construction, maintenance and retrofit sectors, we use a vast amount of timber. With global demand for timber set to triple by 2050, the more the UK is able to meet its future needs, the more sustainable and resilient we will be as a sector. 


By supporting Grown in Britain, Willmott Dixon is delivering its aim of leaving a sustainable legacy. A stronger UK timber industry will support the economy by creating more jobs. Getting more of our woodlands into active management will help to protect and enhance the natural environment, improving biodiversity and protect against pests and diseases.  There are clear health and wellbeing benefits for everyone that uses woods and forests for leisure and recreation activities. Supporting Grown in Britain is a clear way in which we can make a difference in local communities for generations to come.

Paul Smith, Group Director with responsibility for sustainable development