Why GiB & why apply?

A Grown in Britain licence means you can proudly show off the Grown in Britain mark on your timber products. This mark shows your customers that your products are from a woodland managed to a recognised standard.

Our assurance system backs up a powerful brand that woodland owners can use to demonstrate pride in homegrown wood products.

The Grown in Britain licensing scheme has been designed to increase visibility of home grown timber by licensing timber from woodlands and timber products that are grown in the UK. It provides assurance that the timber has been grown in the UK in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard.

The application process is simple and all that woodland and forest owners need to do is to show that they have a management plan that meets the UK Forestry Standard and that any felling they do is legal. This includes owners who make their own woody products such as firewood.

The Grown in Britain licensing scheme compliments and integrates other well proven forest certification schemes such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Once you become licensed with us you can use the Grown in Britain label on your timber products and the British origin of your product.



Benefits of joining GiB:

  1. If your are selling woody products from your woodlands you can use the GiB logo on your products
  2. Use GiB’s social networking to promote products and events
  3. Get your products listed on our website as a one stop shop for anyone wanting to buy GiB products
  4. Reciprocal use of logos on websites and promotional material
  5. Bespoke tweetchats
  6. Engagement in GiB week