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What does woodland creation and management mean?

Tree planting schemes have long been popular with companies, communities and other organisations wanting to give something back to the areas in which they live and work, but our approach to woodland creation and management takes this a step forward.

Our approach aims to provide future generations with more timber, fibre and fuel from a bigger, healthier, and more productive British forest resource. We believe woodlands should be managed and conserved to ensure their long-term presence in the landscape – both as places for wildlife and people, but also to provide a sustainable source of wood in the future.

We help each project develop a full UK Forestry Standard Management Plan that’s backed by Government along with a Corporate Responsibility Reporting Plan that we have developed with Government, NGOs and businesses. Together, these ensure your woodland project is designed with the future firmly in mind.

We lead every project through our simple Grown in Britain Licensing Scheme, to ensure that they feed the assured Grown in Britain wood chain from ‘seed to store’. 


Using us as your partner to sponsor woodland creation and management means:

  • Being able to tailor woodland projects to your specific personal or Corporate Social Responsibility targets and aims;
  • You can involve your staff, local schools and community groups to help you measure and report on the impact you have on the environment, local communities and the economy;
  • You get to shape the British countryside for the better for ever
  • You do not need access to land to plant or woodlands to improve – we can help you find the site you require;
  • You will use the pioneering ‘Corporate Responsibility Reporting Plan’, developed with Defra and the Forestry Commission to describe, measure and report the impact of your project;
  • You can be assured that our projects are amongst the best as they will all conform to the Government’s standard for woodland management and the UK Forestry Standards
  • You can contribute towards the future of good woodland management in Britain – making a real difference to the environment and helping to boost the availability of home grown timber and wood products
  • Your support makes a difference to not only to the lives of people today but for generations to come.