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Verdo Renewables now Grown in Britain licensed

The amount of Grown in Britain licence holders is ever expanding and we are pleased to announce Verdo Renewables have now achieved their Grown in Britain licence.

Verdo Renewables has two production plants in the UK, Andover in Hampshire and Grangemouth in Scotland producing 110,000 tonnes of wood pellets and 30,000 tonnes of briquettes. 








Verdo received their licence in conjunction with their Woodsure certification, an option that is available to anyone wishing to become both Woodsure and Grown in Britain certified. 

James Little, business development manager at Verdo, excited at becoming licensed:


“As the primary producer of ENplus A1 wood pellets and briquettes in the UK, Verdo Renewables is synonymous with quality, and so we do benefit from a lot of word-of-mouth recommendations. To be branded both Woodsure and Grown In Britain gives customers another reason to be to assured that they are buying the best quality UK products that are environmentally friendly.”logo_verdo

“At Verdo, we feel it helps to give our customers peace of mind when purchasing our wood briquettes. In combination with the Grown in Britain mark, which supports the supply of sustainable British timber, we can guarantee our customers that they are buying the best quality pellets and briquettes available and supporting local businesses. It made complete sense for Verdo to become Woodsure certified as it is a known and trusted quality assurance mark for woodfuel in the UK, aligned with Verdo’s mission. ”

To find out more about Verdo visit their website here.

If you wish to be come Grown in Britain licensed please contact us on