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Threat leads to increased demand for Grown in Britain firewood logs

Today, Britain’s woodlands are suffering from unprecedented attacks from pests and diseases as the threat to the UKs biosecurity rises.  Andrew Harvey, founder of Woodsure and a director of Grown in Britain has started a campaign to make the public aware where there firewood comes from and to always buy local and British.   When consumers purchase poor quality imported firewood, there is a very real threat that potential pests such as the emerald ash borer beetle are brought into the UK.  This pest is currently advancing at 40 km a year through Russia and in Canada has devastated huge forested areas.

To tackle the issue Andrew is encouraging everyone to buy home grown firewood as fuel.  By buying British firewood logs, we will not only be protecting our woodland habitats but also will be helping to support British jobs in the forestry sector.

The British media has understandably taken a keen interest in this matter across all formats. You can listen to some of the radio interviews via the links below:


  1. BBC Radio Berkshire 04.08.16 (18mins in)
  2. BBC Radio Norfolk 08.08.16 (40mins in)
  3. BBC Radio Wiltshire14.08.16 (51mins in)
  4. BBC Radio York15.08.16 (45mins in)

To ensure the firewood logs you are buying look for the Grown in Britain logo which ensures the wood has been sustainably harvested and is from within the UK.

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Below is a list of Grown in Britain licensed firewood producers, you can see who is local to you by hovering over the logos and clicking through to the websites.

Please reduce the threat of importing disease and support the Grown in Britain supply chain by buying your logs from one of these licensed producers.

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