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British woodlands and forests have never enjoyed so much support from the public. Recreational visits to woodlands for running, cycling, climbing and playing accounts for more than £484m each year and continues to enjoy growth year-on-year. The public also increasingly understands the role woodlands play in carbon storage, to help wildlife and to encourage health and well-being.

Our woodlands are also an important part of our economy, and provide us with a range of products we use day-to-day. From the chair we sit on to the roof over our head, it is likely timber is in there somewhere and it is the ultimate renewable resource. The question is; is it British timber?

Grown in Britain is designed to help promote the role British timber plays today and encourage a greater understanding of the role of sustainable woodland management. By properly managing woodland we can plant, grow, enjoy, harvest, use and re-plant trees in a way that benefits wildlife, people and businesses across Britain – and you can be a part of this.

By keeping an eye out for the Grown in Britain logo associated with wood products and timber, you can actively support British forests and woodlands.

The Grown in Britain logo demonstrates that a product comes from a British forest that has been managed in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard and thanks to your support, will continue to provide habitats, carbon and recreation at the same time as providing jobs, timber and wood products.

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