Supporting the Tree Charter

Grown in Britain is proud to be supporting the Tree Charter Campaign run by the Woodland Trust and supported by more than 70 organisations.

The Tree Charter will be launched on the 800th anniversary of the original Charter of the Forest, on 6th November 2017. The 1217 Charter of the Forest was written to establish rights of access to the royal forest for ‘free men’ of the time. The Woodland Trust has encouraged forest industries and the public to send in their tree stories showing why trees are important to them. From these stories, ten principles have been created to underpin the new Charter. The 2017 charter celebrates the benefits brought by trees and woods, encouraging people across the UK to use and enjoy woodlands and their products.

One of the principles particularly important to Grown in Britain focuses on having a thriving forestry sector that delivers economic and societal benefits for the UK:

“We want forestry in the UK to be more visible, understood and supported so that it can achieve its huge potential and provide jobs, forest products, environmental benefits and economic opportunities for all.

“Careers in woodland management, arboriculture and the timber supply chain should be attractive choices and provide development opportunities for individuals, communities and businesses.”

These are core beliefs for Grown in Britain and form the basis of our campaign, which was launched in 2013. Timber Trade Federation statistics for 2015 showed that British-grown timber products represented c.40% by volume and 35% by value of annual UK timber consumption. This demonstrates that British timber is already contributing a great deal to the supply base and economy in the UK.

However we feel that more can be done. We are working to increase demand for British timber in its key markets. We are also working to increase British wood supply, by bringing more woodlands back into management. There is estimated to be a further 30 million tonnes of potentially harvestable timber if more forests were managed with eventual timber production in mind.

Timber is a versatile, sustainable and unique material, increasingly in demand from the construction sector, retailers and the public. If you use or produce British timber and related products, by becoming a Grown in Britain licence holder you will be supporting economic and social value here at home. You will also gain a valuable marketing tool. Our licensing scheme emphasises the British provenance of timber and wood products, and may help you to demonstrate social value creation in construction pre-qualification questionnaires.

Supporting Grown in Britain gives you an opportunity to show your support for Britain’s woodlands and the important social, environmental and economic role they play. The public often understands how important our woodlands are environmentally and socially, but there’s much work to be done to show that these benefits are maximised when woodlands are actively managed and are economically viable. With your support, we can continue to highlight the value and versatility of British-grown wood and complete the cycle between our woodlands and their products.

You can find more information about the Tree Charter and sign it here:

The remaining 2017 Tree Charter principles are:

  • Thriving habitats for diverse species
  • Planting for the future
  • Celebrating the cultural impact of trees
  • Better protection for important trees and woods
  • Enhancing new developments with trees
  • Understanding and using the natural health benefits of trees
  • Access to trees for everyone
  • Addressing threats to woods and trees through good management
  • Strengthening landscapes with woods and trees