Power tool brand STIHL backs Grown in Britain. header image

Power tool brand STIHL backs Grown in Britain.

Grown in Britain is working closely with power tool business STIHL to promote good woodland management and creation and the use of homegrown timber. 

STIHL is one of the largest power tool companies in the world and provides a huge range of equipment, expertise and training throughout the forestry landscaping and construction sectors in Britain.  

Good woodland management and care is one of the foundations of a healthy woodland and forestry sector, and it starts with the tools, equipment and expertise used to keep them productive. 

Harvesting and felling trees allows light to reach the woodland floor, promoting the growth of young trees and encouraging the development of wildlife habitats. That makes them great places to visit, but also allows for the production of healthy tree crops that can be turned into a huge range of timber products – from the chairs you sit on through to the timber framed buildings we live in. 



Simon Hewitt, Head of Marketing at STIHL GB, said: “Grown in Britain is changing the way the public and businesses view woodland management and is getting buyers to think about where their wood comes from. We will be using our connections with the forestry and constructions sectors to support this excellent work and promote the ambitions of Grown in Britain to our customers now and in the future”