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Selling Your Hardwood Trees

Active management of woodlands reaps many benefits for wildlife, access and recreation. Managed woodlands can also produce valuable timber.

This video is designed for people with no particular expertise in woodland management for timber harvesting and selling. It includes guidance on how to plan, value and sell your trees and what to look for that might impact the price you are paid.


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Research has shown that thousands of woods are owned by people from all kinds of backgrounds, some of whom feel worried that felling trees for profit is a ‘bad’ thing. However, we import hardwoods from all over the globe and yet we have a vast amount in our own, often undermanaged, woods. Grown in Britain encourages woodland owners to look closely at their woods and see what might be ready to thin or fell and take advantage of a the growing demand for homegrown timber and boost the health of the woodland at the same time.

We would like to thank the Forestry Commission England and Woodland Heritage for their invaluable support in making this video.