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Forestry Commission gets Grown in Britain licence

With over 3,475 square miles of woodland and an annual harvest of 1.3 million tonnes of timber, the Public Forest Estate are championing the way forward with sustainable and well managed woodlands.

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The Grown in Britain certification mark can now be used across 1,800 Public Forest Estate sites on any timber produced. This means that 250,000 hectares of woodland now has access to the use of this licence.  

From seed to store the public can be assured that the timber sourced and produced from these sites have been managed in accordance with the Governments Timber Procurement Policies. 


Simon Hodgson, Chief Executive, Forest Enterprise England, said:

“We’re delighted that the entire Public Forest Estate has passed the Grown in Britain audit assessment. The Grown in Britain badge is an important symbol, which enables businesses and the public to easily identify woodland that has been well managed. This is critical in improving bio-diversity, tackling climate change and increasing public access to spaces for recreation and relaxation.

“It also plays a fundamental part in supporting our national and local economies too; the British forestry sector contributes more than £4.1bn to UK GDP each year and employs more than 64,000 people, while recreational visits to woodlands – such as running, cycling, climbing and playing – accounts for more than £484m each year.”










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