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Old Chestnuts: changing perceptions of British-grown wood

British-grown wood is a modern, flexible, available and quality material. Myths of yester-year are far behind us:  take a look at today’s realities through our regular series of e-postcards featuring British-grown timber projects and products. Sign up here to receive new ones as they’re issued every few weeks, and enjoy the best of British-grown wood.  

Grown in Britain’s Old Chestnuts series of e-postcards was initiated as part of Grown in Britain Week 2017. Our supporters and licence-holders have generously lent us their projects, products and photographs, for which we’re most grateful.  If you have a possible subject for a Grown in Britain Old Chestnuts e-postcard, please e-mail details and a contact point to: 


         British Timber Twists and Bends           

          British Wood Curves 

        Character Oak: the cat’s whiskers

      Setting things straight

     Get Fired Up

   If you go down to the woods today

   Back to school with British wood

   Detailed by design 

  Thick, British and proud of it

   Trail of discovery

   Getting steamed up

   Turn Summers Bounty into Autumns Harvest

            Larch Skywalker                                                

          Seeing the Woods and the Trees

            Suspend your beliefs                                

        Learning Curve British Wood                                                       

        Scantily Clad

      Timber on Tap

     Framing the View

    Support more than fairy lights

    Tree of Life

   Hard-wear platform

   Decked out for a British grown summer

    Room with a view

   Sleepers from the forest

   Building a future with wood