Buy Assured British Firewood

Grown in Britain is determined to bring more woods into management, replace imports and create jobs and fabulous places for wildlife and people to visit.

One crucial way that we are doing this is to boost the markets for homegrown firewood though our certification scheme that many suppliers have proudly signed up to.

Buy your firewood from our certified sources listed below.

The Grown in Britain certification allows the producer to use the twin tree brand on their products which shows their customers that they care about Britain’s woodlands and the importance of sustaining them for all and for the future. Indeed the audit process for a certificate, checks that the woodlands are managed sustainably and legally in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard which is the Government’s strategic policy for managing our woods and forests.

Today, Britain’s woodlands are suffering from unprecedented attacks from pests and diseases and as the threat to the UKs biosecurity rises, by using more of our own homegrown firewood, we are reducing the very real threat of pests such as the emerald ash borer beetle being brought into the UK.

So how can you help..

If you are producing firewood sign up to our scheme. 

If you want to buy Grown in Britain certified firewood, these are our certified producers.

Grown in Britain certified producers