New CIRIA Responsible Sourcing Handbook features Grown in Britain

CIRIA, the Construction Industry Research and Information Association, have published a new handbook for members which lists Grown in Britain under the auspices of responsible sourcing schemes for timber & wood products. The publication, ‘Minimising risk through responsible sourcing: a handbook for the construction industry’ was developed by CIRIA in collaboration with the Action Programme for Responsible & Ethical Sourcing and a diverse range of experts, and was launched on 1st June.

“This is the first time Grown in Britain’s work has been acknowledged by an independent research body in this way. We are pleased that CIRIA’s experts recognise the social value created by using assured British-grown timber,” says Grown in Britain’s CEO Dougal Driver. “The assurance provided by a licensed Grown in Britain supply chain means support for local and rural economies and social enterprise, as well as the provision of valuable wood products into the UK construction supply chain.”

The CIRIA handbook comprises practical and accessible information for those working in construction and engineering on the impacts of sourcing products and labour. Further details are on the CIRIA website at: