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More Grown in Britain licensed woodlands

The amount of woodland licensed with Grown in Britain continues to grow. The latest woodland to receive their licence is Greyfield Wood, located 1km NW of Beenham village. 

The woodland is under community ownership.

A sixty five year lease for Greyfield Wood was purchased by the Beenham Investment Group Ltd in 1995. The company was formed for the explicit purpose of obtaining the lease on the wood. The majority of the shareholders in the company still reside in the parish and it was their initial take up of the share offering that provided the capital with which the lease was purchased.

The ownership of the lease within the village ensures that the wood can be used for the foreseeable future by one and all for local walks in a superb location. The Beenham Investment Group remains committed to that objective and to preserving the wood as an important local habitat for trees, plants and wildlife.


The group have produced a information leaflet about the wood to encourage visitors to the area. Please visit here to view a copy of the leaflet.

To contact the group please email: or call: 0118 971 2856

At Grown in Britain we are always please when a new woodland becomes licensed. By increasing the amount of woodland that is cared for and managed in Britain in turn increases the market demand for British wood products, reduces our reliance on imported wood, reduces flooding and provide fantastic habitats and landscapes for people and wildlife.

If you are interested in becoming Grown in Britain licensed please see here or contact us.


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