Management Plans

Woodlands are one of the most complex resources to manage as they have an impact on landscape, wildlife, environment, history and recreation.

A management plan can clarify the decisions made by addressing these factors. Because of this complexity, woodland management plans can take a long time to produce and you may need to undertake surveys and require assistance from a forester or other professional.

At Grown in Britain we use the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) management plans as a benchmark for the assessment for our certification scheme. If the Forestry Commission, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Forestry or Forest Services Northern Ireland have not approved your management plan then we have developed a new route by working with the Sylva Foundation and their myForest tools.

myForest is a suite of online woodland management tools provided by Sylva Foundation.  It allows users to map their woodlands, store information and create woodland management plans which follow the templates provided by Forestry Commission (in England) and Scottish Forestry. There is currently no management template provided by NRW.

One of the tools within the myForest suite of tools is the Woodland Star Rating. The Woodland Star Rating is a light-touch self-assessment that enables woodland owners to get a feel for what the UK Forestry Standard involves and helps them to identify areas of management that they should focus on in order to move in incremental steps towards a management plan that is in line with UK Forestry Standard. By carrying out an assessment you get a score called a star rating and a bespoke report based on the answers you have provided.

If you don’t yet have an approved management plan but would like to be considered for a Grown in Britain certification carry out a Woodland Star Rating assessment and send us the report along with your draft management plan as part of your application.

To gain a Grown in Britain certificate using myForest we will accept a Woodland Star Rating of silver and above. 


Woodland Star Rating in itself is not an assurance scheme. Only in combination with a woodland management plan and following assessment from a qualified assessor can a Woodland Star Rating self-assessment score and report be used to provide a Grown in Britain certificate under the discretion of Grown in Britain. Sylva Foundation does not take responsibility for any of the information used from Woodland Star Rating to provide a Grown in Britain certificate