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Which categories of licence do I need?

A Grown in Britain licence can have more than one category, below each of the categories are outlined, select the ones that you are relevant to you.

Produce Grown in Britain timber

If you’re a forest or woodland owner that supplies roundwood or timber products (for example, firewood, wood chip, charcoal) from your forests and they are within England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales then apply for the Grown in Britain Forest category which includes all products you produce from your woodland.

Supply Grown in Britain timber – chain of custody licence categories

If you purchase any timber and then trade, process, manufactur or distribute who purchases and sells timber and timber products then apply to become a Grown in Britain Supplier.  There are three different categories within this:


Forest Product – if you purchase only from responsibly managed woodlands such as a fully implemented management plan that is compliant with the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS). 

Supplier – If you purchase some timber that does not have evidence that it is from a responsibly managed woodland.

Legal only – This is for suppliers of timber from non-forest sources or from woodlands that do not have a UKFS compliant management plan. This timber can be used as part of the mix for a Grown in Britain Supplier licence but the timber sold under this licence cannot use the Grown in Britain label. Apply for a Grown in Britain Legal Only.