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A Grown in Britain licence shows that you support active and sustainable management of our UK forests and woodlands.

Our assurance system backs up a powerful brand that woodland owners, processors and retailers can use to demonstrate pride in homegrown wood products.

Find out the benefits of the licence and why you should apply

The benefits

  • Show your support towards the active management of our forests and woodlands.
  • As a woodland owner, you can be at the very start of the Grown in Britain branded supply chain.
  • As a sawmiller, furniture maker, woodfuel supplier or any other processor, being part of the Grown in Britain supply chain enables you to differentiate your homegrown product ranges and give your customers more choice and the opportunity to ‘buy British’ and support local industry and economies.
  • As a distributor or retailer, when a customer buys a product carrying the GiB label they know that it has been produced sustainably in accordance with the Government’s UK Forestry Standard and our public procurement policies.
  • UK consumers want to know the origin of the products they buy and by nature they want to by local. Grown in Britain licensing gives them the assurance they need.
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More Information:

What is the licensing scheme?

The Grown in Britain licensing scheme has been designed to increase visibility of home grown timber by licensing timber from woodlands and timber products that are grown in the UK. It process provides assurance that the timber has been grown in the UK in accordance with the UK Government Timber Procurement Policy.

Once you become registered you can use the Grown in Britain label on your products, promote your supply chain integrity and the British origin of your product.

The licence is issued by Grown in Britain (the certification body).

The application process is simple and all that woodland and forest owners need to do is to demonstrate that they have a management plan that conforms to the UK Forestry Standard and that any felling they do is legal. This includes owners who process their own wood.

Processors need to to be audited by one of the many independent auditors that have completed our bespoke training courses.

Applications are welcome from processors who also use imported wood, and key to this is for the chain of custody to be able to show separation so that anything branded Grown in Britain is Grown in Britain.

The Grown in Britain licensing scheme compliments and integrates with other well proven forest certification schemes such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Is the licence scheme relevant to me?

You can apply for a Grown in Britain licence for your timber if you are:

  • Forest or woodland owner of a UK woodland
  • Harvesting business
  • Sawmill
  • Processor or manufacturer
  • Furniture maker
  • Woodfuel maker or distributor
  • Charcoal maker
  • Wholesaler or retailer; or
  • For an individual project

Or you can apply for the Grown in Britain Woodfuel licence which assists with evidencing land criteria for RHI by following the requirements as laid out in the Timber Standard for Heat and Electricity.

There are a couple of different licence categories depending on your place in the supply chain, click here to find out which one is for you.

Licence categories