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Do you know where your Christmas tree comes from?

The answer is easy if you buy a Grown in Britain assured Christmas tree.

Our auditing process checks that Christmas trees licensed by Grown in Britain are definitely from the UK, grown responsibly and meet a strict forest floor to shop floor freshness test.

Last year, £3 million pounds worth of real Christmas trees were imported into the UK, according to Government statistics.

We are urging consumers to support rural businesses in Britain and reduce ‘tree miles’ by checking where your Christmas tree comes from before you buy.

This is the start of our campaign, with approximately 50,000 Grown in Britain Christmas trees currently licenced for sale.

You can make a real difference by asking your stockists to supply assured Grown in Britain trees now and in the future. This will help ensure the number of assured home grown Christmas trees rises over time and provide a consequential boost to the UK’s rural economy.

Grown in Britain Christmas tree licence holders include the Forestry Commission, which sells Christmas trees at many of its sites across the country and the Crown Estate.

John Deakin, Chief Forester at The Crown Estate says: “Customers buying Christmas trees at  Windsor Great Park expect to know exactly where their Christmas tree comes from and the Grown in Britain licence is an important part of our provenance story.”

At the Balcombe Estate in Sussex, Head Forester Jamie Kirkman says when he explains what the Grown in Britain brand means, people love it. 

“Customers are increasingly interested in sourcing local produce and the Grown in Britain licence provides a guarantee that our trees are grown here, not imported.”

The Forestry Commission’s Head of Recreation Alice Mayne adds “When buying your Christmas tree from the nation’s forests, you can be sure that it is of the highest quality. All of our Christmas trees are sustainably grown and Grown in Britain certified. To further celebrate Christmas sustainability, every tree people buy will come with a free Christmas tree sapling to grow at home.”

If you would like to purchase a Grown in Britain licensed Christmas tree, click on the map below to find your nearest supplier:

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