KEEP IT CLEAN : Don’t give pests and diseases and easy ride

Grown in Britain works in many ways to connect people with woods and forests and there is no substitute for getting bikes, bulldogs and baby buggies out along the tracks and rides to get everyone in tune with these wonderful places.

But along with every truck and trike, boots and wheels can carry disease into a healthy forest and so we are working closely with the Forestry Commission and their brilliantly simple Keep It Clean campaign. 

We want you to join the fight against disease in our trees and to take a few minutes before visiting any woodland or forest, to brush off dirt and mud from your bikes, buggies and boots – and to make this a habit before every visit.

Dougal Driver CEO of Grown in Britain says….

“Practicing good biosecurity and arriving clean is one of the key aspects of maintaining healthy forests and woodlands. Everybody loves a visit to the woods and we are encouraging them to do just that during the weekend of Grown in Britain Week (15th and 16th of October 2016).”

With the backing and support of the Forestry Commission we aim to not only see more enjoyment of our woods and forests but for people to see the role they can play in protecting them”

It may seem far-fetched that mud on a tool, wheel or boot could carry diseases from one wood to the next, but there is clear evidence that the spread of disease is often accelerated by the actions of people and animals with pests and diseases hitching a ride in mud.

Keeping it clean really is as simple as brushing and bashing and leaving that mud behind. Do this and you can be assured that you have done your bit to ensure that our forests remain thriving places to visit, work and play in.

Remember it only takes one spore, so get the habit and Keep It Clean every time.

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