Homegrown Christmas Trees

Grown in Britain Christmas Trees

For Christmas Tree Growers and Suppliers

Our assurance shows customers that your Christmas trees are fresh and grown locally in the UK, giving you a distinctive marketing edge over the millions of imported trees.

Using the Grown in Britain brand also shows your customers that your trees are also produced responsibly using best practice.

The Grown in Britain Christmas tree licensing scheme operates throughout the Christmas tree supply chain, from British growers through to wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Your business is assessed against the Grown in Britain Christmas tree standard. A licence to use the Grown in Britain brand on all your associated marketing and trees may then be granted. 

 If you are interested in becoming licensed with Grown in Britain please contact enquiries@growninbritain.org

For Christmas Trees buyers and customers

If you want to purchase a Grown in Britain licensed Christmas Tree please use the map below to find your nearest supplier.