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Grown in Britain Week 2016

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Woodland Social Enterprise Day – making our local woods work

Grown in Britain is working with the Plunkett Foundation and a range of partners to help local groups transform woodland sites. The project is called ‘Making Local Woods Work’





As part of our support to these groups, Grown in Britain has set aside the Tuesday of Grown in Britain Week as a day to …..Celebrate Woodland Social Enterprise and the value they bring to local economies and people throughout the UK

This Making Local Woods Work initiative is part of a Big Lottery funded project to help fifty woodland social enterprises across the UK. The groups are woodland social enterprises who are looking to undertake new activity that will help to provide a range of benefits for local people, bring woodlands into active management and generate trading income. They will receive support to realise their vision for their woodlands creating opportunities for jobs, leisure, and education, and to improve the health and well being of local people. 

If you are a Woodland Social Enterprise and want to hold an event this autumn, please do all you can to arrange for it to be held on the 11th of October ‘Woodland Social Enterprise Day’ and send us the details to consider for this webpage and as part of our GiB week publicity ‘machine’.






As we get events we will put them here.

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