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Grown in Britain launches ‘Woodland Heroes’ campaign

Grown in Britain has launched a ‘Woodland Heroes’ campaign today to raise awareness of the importance of getting Britain’s woodlands back into management.  The campaign is backed by power tools expert STIHL, a key supporter of Grown in Britain. 

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By showcasing the stories and people behind our woods, Grown in Britain hopes to inspire others to get the 42% of the UK’s currently unmanaged woodlands working again.

Over the last decade UK woodland cover has increased but there is still some way to go before we match European levels, with the UK still having the lowest levels of woodland cover at 13% compared to 37% across the rest of Europe.

Dougal Driver, Grown in Britain CEO said: “People from all sectors are playing a key role, often behind the scenes, to protect, improve and expand our woodland.  This campaign is for them. We want to shine a spot-light on their stories.

Furniture designer Ted Jefferis  is one of these people. Ted lives and works in an ancient oak woodland and in 2013 he set up his own furniture making business TedWood:

“We’re living at a time when the ‘grown and made in Britain’ label matters more than ever; everyone is looking for provenance, whether its apples or tables. It’s natural for me because the roots of my work are beautiful British hardwoods.

Ted adds: “when I pick out a dusty board of British timber I know that beneath the surface will be wood that is full of character and intrinsic beauty. I also know that by choosing British timber one is supporting a sustainable future for our priceless British woodlands.’

Grown in Britain will be targeting the general public with its campaign, promoting the best stories this October as part of Grown in Britain Week and throughout 2016.  If you’ve got a story to tell, Grown in Britain wants to hear from you.

STIHL crosscutting 1“It’s time to celebrate the much maligned power tool and those who use them to bring our woods back into management.

“Too often the sound of the chainsaw creates a sense of anxiety in the listener, but never could a fear be more misplaced. The sound of a chainsaw is a gift for woods, helping to manage sunlight to the forest floor where wildlife can thrive and wonderful places to explore are created.

“Next time you hear a power tool working in the woods just think of bluebells, bees and birds and fabulous home-grown wood products”, adds Driver.

Simon Hewitt, Head of Marketing for STIHL GB says: Effective woodland management and care is one of the foundations of a healthy woodland and forestry sector, and it starts with the tools, equipment and expertise used to keep them productive. We support this campaign whole-heartedly and will continue to encourage the use of British grown wood.”

During Grown in Britain Week this October the team will be taking the woodlands into the heart of London, telling the ash tree to ash table story with designer furniture retailer Heal’s at its flagship Tottenham Court Rd store.  It hopes to educate the nation on what responsible woodland management is and why it’s so important to the well-being of our woodland, and society.

Over the course of 2015 Grown in Britain will be developing a wall of woodland heroes on its website.  If like Ted you are one of the many individuals or companies who are playing a key role in using British timber or managing woodland, then please send us your story to  Share your stories on Twitter #GiBwoodlandhero

What does it take to be a woodland hero?

We want to here from anyone who is supporting the use of home-grown timber or involved in managing UK woods and forests.  You could be a social enterprise, a retailer, a forester, land owner or a furniture designer.