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Grown in Britain is a not for profit organisation that supports the UK’s woods and forests, by building demand for home-grown products, developing supply chains to replace our hefty imports and building a wood culture in society.

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The Grown in Britain licensing scheme has been designed to increase the visibility of home grown timber by licensing our woodlands, branding the timber from these woodlands and also the array of products that they are turned into.

 Woodlands with a compliant management plan and any necessary felling licenses, which are less than 20 hectares can get the Grown in Britain licence for free.  The process is very simple, just ask for the short application form, fill it in, provide your management plan reference and if appropriate any felling licence details and then, if it all checks out, we will send your Grown in Britain licence.

Once you become registered you can use the Grown in Britain label on your products, promote your supply chain integrity and the British origin of your product.

 If you’re not felling and selling, Grown in Britain is still for you because it is the woodland that is assured, meaning that you can use the logo in association with your wood, on signs and paperwork etc.  You will become part of the growing family of woodland owners proud to show that they actively manage their woodlands in accordance with the Grown in Britain principles.

 NB: If your wood is over 20 Hectares our fees are only £1 per hectare…so size is no limit !

If you are interested in applying to become Grown in Britain licensed please contact  for an application form.

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