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Grown in Britain Woodfuelled opportunities

The growing market for fuel logs and biomass woodchip is driving woods into management, growing the sector and saving the planet along the way.

The Grown in Britain team is working closely with the Forestry Commission, woodland owners and foresters on a range of programmes to increase the proportion of woods in management but it is very clear that our insatiable appetite for woodchip and fuel logs is the biggest driver of all.


Ian Tubby, Business development lead from the Forestry Commission is impressed by the figures saying:

” Tens of thousands of tons of extra wood fuel is needed over the coming decades to feed the number of boilers and stoves installed in businesses and homes throughout the country and with the additional pull of the Renewable Heat Incentive and Grown in Britain, the sector is set for a boom period”

I Tubby

Of course with step changes such as this comes potential risk and Ian goes on to say:

“It is important that we apply best practice throughout the wood chain and in the management of our forests in order to ensure that this growth is as sustainable as it can possibly be”



Grown in Britain agrees and will only licence woodlands which have a compliant UK Forestry Standard management plan in place and its supply chain assurance checks for provenance, legality and comes from well managed woodlands, The Grown in Britain Standard uses the UK government Timber Procurement Policy for the definition of ‘well managed woodlands’.


 The Grown in Britain licensing scheme is run by the team who run Woodsure which is at the very heart of this renaissance as they run the UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme certifying suppliers for reliable, quality wood fuels.

The Woodsure assurance means reliable woodfuel that fulfils manufacturer specifications and burns with optimum efficiency, without the risk of damage to appliances.

In line with an ever stronger partnership with Grown in Britain, Woodsure are offering Grown in Britain audits at only £50+VAT when commissioned to carry out a Woodsure audit before the end of August 2015

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