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About Grown In Britain

Grown in Britain is for anyone who values British trees, woods and forests, and the amazing wood and timber products we can make from them.

Grown in Britain is an incredibly positive movement designed to help create a sustainable wood culture that connects people, companies and organisations to our woods and forests and the important environment they provide for people, wildlife and a thriving economy.

We are independent of but, passionately backed by government, the supply chain and many other organisations. We bring together a broad diversity of forest, woodland, societal, manufacturing and end-user interests to create a sustainable future for our woods and forests.

The Grown in Britain brand identifies wood that has been grown in Britain from well managed forests and assured through our robust but simple certification scheme. It is a proud and protected trademark that assures that the timber comes from Britain and forests and woods that are well managed and in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard which is the the government’s UK Forestry and public procurement standard for growing and buying.

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