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Group Licensing Scheme

Grown in Britain is trialling a group licensing scheme in the South West with Exmoor National Park.  The scheme will cover both woodlands and processors and we hope to have the results of this trial very soon.  The trial will develop template operating procedures that can be shared with other groups around the country. 

Graeme McVittie, a conservation officer for the Exmoor National Park, has been working with Grown in Britain on this project has this to say:

“Grown in Britain seems to have had immediate resonance with woodland owners, processors and suppliers on Exmoor since it was launched. The development of a local scheme to reinforce the benefits of a stronger woodland enterprise culture was a natural progression and we have been delighted with the support we have received since floating the idea of Grown in Britain on Exmoor. So far we have provisionally signed up forest and woodland owners into the developing group scheme who between them manage 2500 ha of woodland which is more than 25% of all woodland in the National Park. There is also strong interest from the many woodfuel and timber enterprises on and around Exmoor who see clear benefits in emphasising the provenance and quality of their products”


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Being in a group scheme reduces auditing costs as the auditors fees are shared between those in the group. 

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We have a number of potential group schemes cropping up throughout the country.  If you are interested in being a group member or actually running a group scheme please contact us and we will put you in touch with those interested in your area.