GiB Week: Woodland Social Enterprise Day

Join us on the 9th October during Grown in Britain Week in celebrating Social Enterprise Day!

The 9th October is Woodland Social Enterprise day. A day in which we are encouraging you to open your doors, hold an event or just engage on social media to share your experiences and knowledge to help support yours and other similar organisations. 

The day is an opportunity to:

  • Promote woodland social enterprises to a wider but connected audience
  • An opportunity for WSE’s to connect with their communities
  • A day of celebration for the Making Local Woods Work programme
  • A day to share tools/ideas, knowledge and experiences

You can also get involved over social media, share your Grown in Britain Week activities, photos and messages on @GrowninBritain, and use the hashtag #WSEDay2018

To help your publicity for the day we have created the special graphic below for you to use here to download it

Contact us on email or call 01179 582189 to let us know what you are planning!