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Gain a marketing edge with a Grown in Britain licence

Grown in Britain Christmas tree certification provides your customers with an assurance that your trees are fresh and grown locally in the UK, giving you a distinctive marketing edge over imported trees.

Using the Grown in Britain brand also shows your customers that your trees are produced responsibly using best practice. Certificate holders are assessed against the Grown in Britain Christmas tree standard.

Grown in Britain is not a membership organisation and being independent allows us to deliver and enforce a robust certification scheme which has been designed specifically for Christmas trees. 

The Grown in Britain Christmas tree certificate is a mark of UK sourced Christmas trees and an assurance that the trees have been cut no more than 15 days (Norway spruce) or 28 days (other species) before arrival at the retail site.

Grown in Britain Christmas tree certificate holders include major tree growers such as the Forestry Commission and Infinity Christmas Trees.

Infinity Christmas Trees’ Chief Executive Dave Brown comments “Achieving the high standards that Grown in Britain demand means we can be confident our plantations of fresh British Christmas trees meet these criteria and the exacting standards our customers require.”

At the Balcombe Estate in Sussex, Head Forester Jamie Kirkman says the Grown in Britain Christmas tree certificate is a good marketing point: “When we explain to customers what the Grown in Britain brand means, people love it.  Customers are increasingly interested in sourcing local produce and Grown in Britain certification provides a guarantee that our trees are grown here, not imported.”

Forest Holidays, which offers year round short breaks and holidays in timber cabins at Forestry Commission locations across the UK, sources all its Christmas trees from certified Grown in Britain suppliers. Bruce McKendrick, Chief Executive Officer says: “Our guests value and love Britain’s forests – it’s one of the main reasons that they choose to stay with us. We are delighted to showcase the quality of British Christmas trees and demonstrate the vital importance of the UK’s woodland industries.”

To find out more about becoming a Grown in Britain Christmas tree licence holder, download more details and an application pack here.