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Inspiring the next generation

Grown in Britain is very proud to have produced a unit on wood culture on the Forests for the Future web resource for teachers and children.

Forests for the Future is an educational resource aimed at 8-12 year olds and is hosted by Grown in Britain licence holders, The Crown Estate.

It is designed to help primary school teachers engage their students on the importance of trees and forests, and the role they play in climate change. The initiative encourages teachers to take learning out of the classroom to local woodland and other green spaces.


Andy Wells of the Crown Estate says:

“It has been great to be able to work with Grown in Britain on our shared ambition to connect the next generation to our wonderful woods and forests. Children really love getting amongst the trees which gives us a huge opportunity to show them the links to the wood products they use every day”



Grown in Britain sees a new Wood Culture as a society that not only sees wood as a wonderful material that enhances our lives but understands that growing, managing and harvesting trees from our forests and woods is as normal as a farmer cutting wheat to make the bread for our sandwiches.

Many children understand where their food comes from and they care about what they eat. Grown in Britain wants to see them growing up knowing about wood as a material and the fantastic trees and forests from where it comes.

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Click her to see the Forests for the Future web resource which is is a hidden gem, please do all you can to publicise it to the education sector and beyond.