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Wood or biomass is becoming increasingly more common to be used as a sustainable fuel to heat hot water, provide fuel and energy on a large and small scale.

Woodfuel is considered to be ‘carbon lean’, meaning that each tree absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide when growing as it releases when burned. When a woodland is managed in a sustainable manner new tree growth will be absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, offsetting that released by the woodfuel produced from the woodland. The overall contribution to atmospheric CO2 levels is minimal.

There are so many benefits from using woodfuel:

  • Bringing woodlands back into management
  • Saving carbon dioxide
  • Encouraging wildlife
  • Increase job opportunities
  • Reducing waste
  • Improving air quality

Why apply

By applying for a Grown in Britain licence for your woodfuel, you’re able to demonstrate commitment to the scheme and provide buyers – and the wider supply chain – with robustly assured and branded British timber. That means buyers have confidence that the wood is home grown and compliant with the UK forestry standard and the Government’s public procurement policy and it helps the supply chain meet growing demand for British timber products. It also gives you confidence in the investment needed to bring under-used and under-managed woodland and forests back into use – and turn it into a real, financially sustainable asset that also provides important ecosystem and recreational services.

If your woodfuel comes from 100% British grown sources you can apply for the Grown in Britain Woodfuel licence. Our licence is recognised by the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and assists with Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) evidence as detailed in the Timber Standard for Heat and Electricity. .

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Find Grown in Britain licensed suppliers of charcoal and firewood.

How to apply

To apply please download an application pack here.

Read the guidance note which will help you complete the application form and send it to

The licensing process typically takes around four weeks to complete following the submission of a successful audit. Once approved and registered you will have full access to use the label within the regulations of use and guidelines.

There is an annual registration fee to use the Grown in Britain licensing mark, which is calculated on a sliding scale based on annual turnover of your business.

Advice and guidance

Woodsure is the only certification scheme in the UK for woodfuel quality. The Woodsure Certification scheme comprehensively checks woodfuel producers to ensure that they produce and supply woodfuel to the correct standard.

Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) is a list of woodfuel that has proven it meets the eligibility requirements for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. It allows RHI participants to easily demonstrate to Ofgem that the fuel they are using in their biomass boilers meets the RHI sustainability criteria required to claim their RHI payments.