For processors

In Britain, the timber processing industry is a huge and diverse sector. Anyone who harvests or processes British timber products is part of a 10m tonne industry that forms the products and materials we buy and sell.

Grown in Britain is also leading the drive for more innovation in the use of British timber particularly in construction and is supporting the development of processing in this country that can replace imported products. Current projects are looking at cross laminated timber and the thermal modification of hardwood.

What’s in it for me?

Timber is a versatile, sustainable and unique material that’s increasingly in demand from the construction sector, retailers and the public. And as their demand grows, so do the questions about where it comes from and what the impact is. As a processor, manufacturer, woodworker or haulier, you can do your bit by supporting Grown in Britain or by becoming a Grown in Britain certificate holder. This gives your customers the confidence in the source of your wood and timber products – from British forests and woods. 

 Grown in Britain certification shows your customers that you support the UK forest industry. With the use of the certification mark you:

  • increase visibility of products made from home grown UK timber 
  • provide assurance that your timber products come from sustainably managed woodlands

With your support, we can continue to highlight the depth of versatility the sector has to offer and complete the cycle between our woodlands and our shop shelves.

Who else is involved?

We continue to work with people, companies and organisations from across the sector, right from woodland owners to retailers, and our processors are some of our most influential stakeholders.

Iain McIlwee, Chief Executive, British Woodworking Federation

“We are fully behind The Grown in Britain project; it could be a game-changer for British timber. People rightly love our woodlands, but they don’t always connect good woodland management to the wooden products that they encounter every day – the floors they walk on and the furniture the sit on. Grown in Britain can help people make that connection and in encouraging this appreciation for wood culture, it helps British Woodworking Federation members better tell the story of the products they produce and sell.”