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The construction industry is one of the most competitive and exciting sectors in the UK and a major contributor to UK GDP. In 2013, output from the sector was an estimated £112.6bn, or 7.3% of GDP, and there are over 350,000 construction related firms – including many SMEs.

Building with British timber

As an industry, the construction sector is a huge consumer of materials and resources – the top UK contractors have a combined buying power of more than £29bn each year – but much of the material the industry uses comes from Britain. Construction imports less than 8% of its supply, meaning investment in construction remains here, in Britain.

Timber is an important resource for the industry and it appears in everything from house frames, panels, floors and joinery, but much of the timber we collectively use each year we import. Grown in Britain is connecting the construction industry to the forestry sector, increasing demand, developing new components and pulling supply.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for you is the opportunity to demonstrate commitment to locally sourced products and contribute to the sustainability and health of our woodlands.

Specifying, procuring and using British timber – and making a commitment to do so through procurement policy – is a clear statement of intent to support the forestry sector.

The Grown in Britain licence is designed to make it easier for you and your supply chain to identify and procure British timber. If a supplier and their products carry the Grown in Britain licence and logo, the material they procure and sell meets our standard and comes from British forests and woods.

As more customers and clients ask their contractors to support the British economy and ensure local spend is protected, having the confidence and assurance you’re buying British timber makes it easier for you to chose the right material.

Just remember to look out for the Grown in Britain label and just ask ‘do you have a Grown in Britain licence’

Who else is involved?

Grown in Britain partners exist right across the supply chain, from building merchants to sub-contractors and even clients.  The UKCG and its members, which represent the leading construction companies in the UK, have already stated a preference to use home-grown timber.  It’s actively engaged with Grown in Britain and is working with the supply chain to increase the availability and supply of British timber construction products.  

BAM CEO Graham Cash

“BAM believes that home-grown timber can be a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to imported timber. We are pleased to be working with Grown in Britain to encourage the use of more British timber on construction projects.”

Read the full case study here.

Model Procurement Statement

We have developed a timber and timber products procurement statement  for use by construction clients and contractors which follows the principles agreed by the UK Contractors Group. You can view this here.

To find Grown in Britain licence holders and products see here, where you can see the full range or products supplied by our licence holders.