Filling Big Ben 395 times with British Timber

Four years since its founding on 4th July 2013, Grown in Britain, the British-grown timber marketing campaign, has the support of nearly 200 organisations in fifteen different sectors from construction companies to wildlife organisations.

Its licensing system, assuring British wood origins along supply chains, now accounts for an area of British forest equivalent to around 345,000 football pitches. Grown in Britain has now licensed enough timber to fill Big Ben 395 times. In celebration of its 4th anniversary, Grown in Britain is instigating its first annual survey for the construction supply chain and wood-using industries, open to all, available at

Grown in Britain has 18,000 followers on Twitter, and Tweets regularly reach an interested audience of well over a million. With much of the British-grown timber supply base on board, along with major constructor contractors, Grown in Britain is now concentrating on connecting British timber supply chains. The campaign recently signed a strategic promotional partnership with the Builders Merchants Federation and is working closely with the British Woodworking Federation on promotional projects for British-grown timber. A new suite of marketing literature and an upswing in media coverage are all adding to Grown in Britain’s reach.

“Positive perceptions of British timber along the supply chains to market are crucial to the continuing development of the industry,” says Grown in Britain CEO Dougal Driver. “The views of builders’ and timber merchants, joinery and furniture producers, builders and landscapers, and designers using wood will influence where we take the campaign in the next four years. We encourage everyone to get involved and take the anniversary survey by going to our Survey Monkey page at: In less time than it takes to drink a mug of coffee you’ll have made a contribution to the future of Britain’s timber industries,” Dougal Driver affirms.