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Crown Estate are early adopters of Grown in Britain Licence Scheme

The first day of Grown in Britain Week 2014 was marked by a multitude of auspicious events. One of the very first of these was the award of a Grown in Britain Licence to The Crown Estate for 10,000 hectares of woodland. 

As one of the first Grown in Britain licence holders in the country

Crown Estate get their grown in britain licence in grown in britain week 2014– bringing approximately 10,000 hectares of woodland from across Britain into our unique homegrown ‘wood’ chain of custody – 

it seemed appropriate that the award should be given by Grown in Britain CEO Dougal Driver, in person, to Andrew Wells and his team. 

Alison Nimmo Chief Executive of  The Crown Estate is delighted by the move, saying;
“The Crown Estate is a firm supporter of the work of Grown in Britain.
As an owner of forests and woodlands across the UK, we fully recognise the valuable contribution these make to the rural economy and the wide range of public benefits that woodlands provide.
We actively promote and develop sustainable forest management including public access, forest education, biodiversity
management and community use of our woodlands, alongside commercial timber production.”
Windsor Estate woodland aveneue of treesAlison went on to say;


“The Crown Estate works in partnership with a wide range of people to help optimise woodland benefits and the contribution we make to developing greater understanding and public use of woodlands across the UK.



We are delighted to be part of Grown in Britain’s efforts to re-invigorate Britain’s woodland culture, to promote the use of more woodland products and help develop our forest and woodland industries.”
Dougal Driver sees the Crown Estate as a major addition to the growing band of licensed forests and woodlands, saying;
“The Crown Estate are award winning managers of their estate and as their woods and forests have a Forestry Commission management plan, issuing of the licence was very straightforward, even for 10,000ha. We hope it will encourage many others to follow suit.”

Windsor woodland logstackThe partnership between the two organisations also covers a shared passion for building a strong wood culture in society.

In particular, getting the message across to teachers and children that productive, sustainable forest management, and all the myriad attributes of our British wood culture, is good for people, for carbon  sequestration and for the economy.

To that end Grown in Britain have worked with The Crown Estate and the Forest Education Network to create a unique Grown in Britain ‘Wood Culture’ teaching pack for the Crown Estate’s Forests for the Future website to encourage an understanding and awareness of forest management and our wider wood culture.

Find out more about the teaching pack

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