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Wood is the product for the 21st Century

Stuart_GoodallGrown in Britain is a truly exciting opportunity to bring together everyone who values our forests, woods and trees.

Forests and woodlands are unique in the way they can provide employment, enjoyment and biodiversity, all at the same time. The big challenge, however, is to make them add up financially so that these benefits can be sustained.

Grown in Britain is built on a positive vision, that if we all work together, we can make a real difference.

Grown in Britain is bringing together environmentalists and woodland owners, retailers and ramblers, wood using businesses and local campaigners, and uniting them in a common cause.
Together, we can create a compelling message and campaign. We can unlock new sources of money to plant trees and manage our woodland, and we can enable the public to do their bit by buying products from our woodlands and forests.

We cannot rely on governments to do it all. Public funds are under pressure, but markets for forestry products, in particular wood, are strengthening. Wood is the product for the 21st Century. It is infinitely renewable, locks up carbon and its production can help both pay for woodland management and create space and light in woodland for all types of flora and fauna to flourish.

We need to take responsibility ourselves and, through Grown in Britain, help our woodlands and forests, and all those who rely on them, achieve a better, more sustainable future.

Stuart Goodall, CEO, Confor