With demand for British-grown timber already standing at around 40% of the UK’s timber usage, Grown in Britain is encouraging producers and users of British timber to actively distinguish their offering by gaining a licence to use the Grown in Britain brand.

“Connecting up supply chains from forests to end users and consumers is one of our core functions,” says Grown in Britain CEO Dougal Driver. “With major contractors committed to a British timber preference statement, and with trade bodies taking the initiative to harness the positivity currently surrounding British-sourced products, it’s the ideal time to gain market advantage by offering customers the option of an assured British supply chain as part of your customer service.”

Using British-grown timber enables suppliers filling in pre-qualification questionnaires to demonstrate ‘social value’ as part of their timber sourcing. Supporting British producers gives our forests and woodlands a sustainable future, promoting employment and local economies, cutting ‘wood miles’, protecting forest habitats, and bringing more woodlands back into viable, productive management.

Copies of Grown in Britain’s new literature, covering builders merchants, joinery firms, woodland owners, and wood product producers, can be found here.