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BSW Timber Group achieves Grown in Britain licence

BSW Timber group are the latest company to achieve a Grown in Britain licence. 

By achieving their Grown in Britain licence, it will allow BSW Timber group to use the Grown in Britain trademark which can now be applied to  nearly 1 million tonnes of timber from the company


BSW’s Hamish Macleod With David Cameron at the Newbridge mill

The company used the Prime Minister’s visit to their Newbridge mill in April to announce BSW Timber’s Grown in Britain licence where mill manager Dave Burd said: “Having a guaranteed local log source will result in a major shift towards the supply of home-grown British products, which is the driving force behind our formal commitment to the Grown in Britain initiative. We have placed great emphasis in the last few years on working downstream with the UK construction sector to grow markets for UK timber, and we must now ensure that the business confidence of the sector is underpinned by continued investment in sustainably managed productive woodland.”

Commenting on BSW Timber’s commitment to sourcing locally supplied timber, Grown in Britain chief executive, Dougal Driver, said: “The leadership shown by BSW to secure a Grown in Britain licence is fantastic news for the homegrown sector and gives us a terrific boost as we aim to create a sustainable future for our wonderful woods and forests. 

“Buyers can now look for the Grown in Britain logo in depots and stores and back British business and enhance our woods and forests at the same time”

If you wish to find out more information about BSW Timber group visit their website: