British Trophy from the Ashes

Half a world away from our national cricket team, crafting a Grown in Britain award trophy from local Ash trees has been the task of GiB licence-holder and designer-maker Alice Blogg.

Alice has been working to create the 2017 Grown in Britain Hero award trophy, being presented later this week.

“From a waney-edge British Ash plank, I chose a section that showed off natural ripples, which run horizontally in the wood,” says Alice. “Using a band-saw to cut a circular section, I then turned it on a lathe and purposefully left a large plane on which to carve the inscription,” Alice relates. “I finished it using natural orange oil to let it breathe and to show its natural colour.”

An early adopter of Grown in Britain licensing, Alice’s designs can be found in Grown in Britain supporter and London home furnishings retailer, Heal’s. Alice has also undertaken many other commissions across the specialist interiors and furniture sectors, some of which feature in Grown in Britain’s ‘Old Chestnuts’ e-postcard series.

Grown in Britain’s third annual Woodland Hero award will be presented in London on 14th December.