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For the Environment

Richer habitats

Well managed woodlands provide a rich habitat for some of Britain’s rarest plant and animal species, but today, less than half our woodlands are being managed and this has a detrimental impact on woodland habitats. Part of the reason for this is a lack of skills, funding and end markets for British timber products as well as the complexity of landowners and managers having many different objectives.

Increasing demand for wood

Grown in Britain is helping to address this by encouraging some of Britain’s biggest companies to buy British timber and invest in woodland creation and management schemes. By creating market-led demand for British timber, we can increase the amount of woodland in management and help protect and improve our wider environment for society.

Healthy places, healthy people

Trees need little more than sunlight and rainfall to grow but by thinning woodlands, felling mature stands, planting new trees in their place and increasing woodland coverage, our woods and forest become even better providers of natural capital. This means they have far more capacity to soak up the carbon in our atmosphere, shorten droughts, reduce flooding and provide fantastic habitats and landscapes for people and wildlife.

How can I help?

The benefits to wildlife and the wider environment are very important outcomes of Grown in Britain, and if you’re interested in finding out more about good woodland management and how we can help, just contact us.