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Heating our homes, warming our hearts

Well managed woods and forests produce sustainable timber that is converted into a vast array of materials and wood based products that enhance our world. The list is endless, just look around and you will see timber in frames and walls that makes our buildings strong and full of character, furniture that is functional and yet beautiful and fuel that heats our homes and warms our hearts.

Nature’s gym

Through the Grown in Britain movement, we’re actively increasing the amount of woodland that’s created and managed in Britain. In doing this, we can get our woodland levels up to that of other countries and increase the services they provide to people. This will lead to more woodland space where people can enjoy healthy activity in nature’s very own gym.

That’s good news for everyone, but we also need thriving woods and forests to deliver some hidden but essential benefits. Woods remove pollution from the air, providing us with oxygen and store carbon as they grow.

How can I help?

If you own a woodland apply for a certificate though our simple system and brand any wood harvested and support our not for profit work. If you are in the supply chain or a business, apply for one of our on product certificates and show your customers what how proud you are of the ranges that you source, make and sell from the UK. And anyone can help by buying Grown in Britain products – look for the logo and always ask the seller about Grown in Britain.

And you can donate to our not for profit work so that we can help the whole supply chain and boost our research and development into adding value to UK wood so that we import less from far flung corners of the world. Or become a supporter or sponsor and by simply making the most of our amazing trees, woods and forests.