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Why is Grown in Britain Important?
  • Only China imports more wood than the UK
  • Creates more jobs and grow the industry – managed woodlands boost the economy
  • Long term environmental benefits – managed woodland provide cleaner air, reduce flooding and enhance wildlife habitats
  • Only 13 per cent of Britain’s land area is wooded – well below the European average of 37 per cent
  • Only 55 per cent of woods are properly managed
  • We need to add value to the products we produce to substitute costly imports

Our trees woods and forests are fantastic for wildlife, the environment and great places for people to enjoy. They are also vital for the economy, providing jobs and an array of amazing timber and wood products that enhance our daily lives. Through Grown in Britain, it’s possible to support the many varied and positive benefits our woodlands bring and ensure they have a sustainable future.

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Grown in Britain is now a staple feature in the assurance of supply chains with over 1 million tonnes of UK timber certified under the proud mark and over 300,000 hectares of trees woods and forests within the scheme

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