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Why is Grown in Britain Important?
  • Forestry contributes more than £4.1bn to the UK GDP
  • 40,000 people are employed in the forestry and primary wood processing sectors in the UK.
  • £484m to the UK is the value to society of recreational visits to forests and woodlands each year.
  • Only 13 per cent of Britain’s land area is wooded – well below the European average of 37 per cent
  • Only 55 per cent of woods are properly managed
  • We need to add value to the products we produce to substitute costly imports

Our trees woods and forests are fantastic for wildlife, the environment and great places for people to enjoy. They are also vital for the economy, providing jobs and an array of amazing timber and wood products that enhance our daily lives. Through Grown in Britain, it’s possible to support the many varied and positive benefits our woodlands bring and ensure they have a sustainable future.

Independent and Not for Profit 

In July 2012, the Independent Panel on Forestry’s Final Report urged the Government, woodland owners and businesses to unlock the benefits of home grown British timber in their supply chains. The Panel believed this would improve supply and demand for British timber and encourage more woodlands owners to plant and manage woodland – bringing with it social and environmental benefits.

The Government agreed with this recommendation and the Grown in Britain initiative was formed to bring about change in our forestry sector, connecting with woodland owners, helping them access new markets and helping the public understand that woodlands can be environmentally, recreationally and economically productive at the same time.

Grown in Britain is now a staple feature in the assurance of supply chains with over 1 million tonnes of UK timber licensed under the proud mark and over 300,000 hectares of trees woods and forests within the scheme

Who benefits?