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What are Carbon Credits?

Organisations that work with us think it’s really important to look after the environment and make up for the carbon produced by their offices, warehouses, delivery vans and during their day to day operations. 

You can manage your carbon footprint and buy woodland carbon credits, which fund the creation of new Grown in Britain carbon woodlands and produce sustainable home-grown timber.  Any business can get involved no matter what size. 

More than just carbon capture

The credits represent much more than just carbon capture – an investment in woodland creation in the UK also delivers habitats for biodiversity, flood mitigation, employment opportunities and places for people to enjoy nature.

The certification mechanism we use is the government backed Woodland Carbon Code, which generates individual woodland carbon credits – this means that you can buy credits from a portion of a woodland, or from a whole woodland.  





Mitigating your carbon footprint

You can make a contribution in recognition of your carbon footprint or on behalf of your customers.   Some organisations chose to focus on trees rather than carbon, for example planting a tree for every new order. 

A certified scheme

A ‘carbon credit’ is a certified means of demonstrating that your carbon dioxide emissions are being compensated for. Each credit represents the ‘reversal’ of the emission of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide – represented as 1tCO2. In the case of woodland creation this ‘reversal’ occurs as the trees grow and capture atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Investing in woodland creation follows the same principles as carbon offsetting but differs in one way: woodlands created through Grown in Britain go towards helping the UK as a whole reduce its carbon footprint, whereas offset credits (which must be purchased from outside the UK) make no such contribution.

Through our partner, Forest Carbon, we’ve worked to make balancing your carbon easy – so contact us now.