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How do they work?

The Woodland Carbon Credits you purchase go directly to the creation of new woodland and will reflect the size of your contribution. 

The credits are issued, listed and transferred via an independent registry – the Markit Environmental Registry.   It is the world’s leading environmental and carbon credit registry and exists to transparently track the certification status and ownership of individual carbon and ecosystem service credits.

The credits are listed publicly on the Markit Environmental Registry, and available to demonstrate to your stakeholders your commitment to the UK environment.   


A certified and government approved scheme

Our woodland carbon credits are certified via the Woodland Carbon Code, which demonstrates the quality and source of carbon credits purchased.   The Code delivers externally verified projects, certified to ISO standards.   It is the only carbon standard operating in the UK and it ensures that:

  • The right trees have been planted in the right place
  • The carbon capture estimates are project specific, scientifically sound and risk adjusted
  • The woodlands are managed to a high standard
  • The trees are protected in the long-term
  • The trees were only planted because of the contributions of carbon credit buyers  

The scheme is delivered by Grown in Britain in partnership with Forest Carbon, the UK’s leading developer of new carbon woodlands.    Forest Carbon has planted over 70 new woodland projects in the UK  – totalling 4 million trees – and has been trading for eight years.