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A busy summer at GiB

With the summer holidays in full swing our woodlands are at their busiest time with families enjoying days out and foresters’ hard at work harvesting the wood that will keep us warm this winter. The GiB team has been busy behind these woodland scenes.

Across the country we’ve been awarding new GiB licences. 198,831 hectares of woodlands and forests in the UK are now licensed as Grown in Britain, and the list is growing. Almost 10% of the UK’s woodland cover is now assured. Together licence holders are playing a critical role in protecting our woodlands and increasing the supply of home-grown timber available in the UK. 

Certainly Wood, Nottinghamshire Logs and Tyler Hardwoods are some of the pioneering woodfuel suppliers who have been busy getting licenced.  With many more woodland owners, timber suppliers and furniture makers currently going through the licence pipeline we expect GiB woodland coverage to reach 15% by the end of the year.

New Group Scheme

Reaching this figure relies on both large and small woodland owner’s and supplier’s alike coming forward. It’s in this context that we’re on the cusp of launching a new Grown in Britain Group scheme. It’s designed to help smaller businesses within a local area benefit from reduced licence and audit fee’s, who together can share the management of the scheme.  The only restriction is company size. 

If you are one of a number of smaller businesses in your area who would like to become Grown in Britain licenced then the Group scheme is for you. If you would like to take part in the Group scheme pilot please email


Simplified Standard

As well as introducing new schemes, using your feedback we’ve honed the Grown in Britain Standard and in September we will launch Version 2.  We’ve simplified and clarified the original standard to make it easier for you to apply it to your business. We’ll also be issuing new guidance notes for the different licence categories to support you through the process. 

The next Grown in Britain training will be held in November.  If you’re thinking of getting a Grown in Britain chain of custody licence then the training will equip you with all of the skills and information you need.  It’s also a requirement if you’re interested in running a Group scheme or want to become an auditor. 

To sign up or for more information email