Our trees, forest and woods are under threat from pests and diseases that often enter the country in imported timber and wood products. By reducing our reliance on imports and buying British homegrown products we can reduce the spread of pests and diseases and help our woods and forests thrive.


Grown in Britain supports the Forestry Commission’s brilliantly simple, campaign ‘Keep it Clean‘- a campaign to keep our forests and woodlands pest and disease free by encouraging workers and visitors to follow simple routine steps. These steps include:

  • brushing dirt from equipment, shoes, bikes and vehicles 
  • disinfecting equipment, boots  and tools when required
  • reporting any signs of tree or plant diseases or pests
  • responsible sourcing of plants

Another way to help is to buy assured British wood products. By buying British homegrown products you will be doing your part in reducing the threat to our woodlands and forests. Look for the Grown in Britain logo which assures that the product has been made from wood from homegrown licensed sources.

Unfortunately, humans have the ability to spread pests and diseases much further and faster than natural dispersal mechanisms so please, stay up to date on all the latest ‘tree health’ news follow @treehealthnews or sign up to receive our quarterly tree health newsletter here.


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