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Want to find Grown in Britain licence holders and products?

At Grown in Britain we are often asked by individuals and organisations ‘where can we buy Grown in Britain timber products’?

By downloading the documents below, you can find a full range of products supplied by our licensed companies. We have listed the various products and licence holders in separate documents to make it easier for you to find what you are searching for!

woodfuel conf 2These products have all been assured against our standard which means they are from legal and sustainable UK sources in accordance with the UK Government’s Timber Procurement Policy and the UK Forestry Standard.


 Steve Cook of Willmott Dixon and demand side Co Chair of Grown in Britain says:

“The awareness and momentum behind Grown in Britain is growing rapidly within the construction, retail sectors and with the public. This new list of licensed Grown in Britain products is the ‘go to place’ for procurement professionals, buyers and indeed the public who are increasingly looking for suppliers that can provide timber which is assured as Grown in Britain.”

If you see our brand on a product that is not on this list, please to contact us at and we will check our master database.